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Ultimate Carry is owned and operated by Tim Sutton, the only certified USCCA firearms instructor in the Springfield, IL area.

CCW classes are…

Our Illinois Concealed Carry Classes are $250 all inclusive with no hidden fees.  Classroom, training book, and range fees are INCLUDED in this fee.

Ultimate Carry's lead instructor is unlike any other firearms instructor you will encounter.  Tim Sutton is board certified in Security Management as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) by ASIS International, the world's largest security organization with more than 47,000 members.  Tim sits on the ASIS International Healthcare Security Council and chairs its White Paper Committee.  He has participated in the development of several ANSI Standards including Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Standard, Quality Assurance and Security Management for Private Security Companies Operating at Sea – Guidance, Maturity Model for the Phased Implementation of the Organizational Resilience Management System, Maturity Model for the Phased Implementation of a Quality Assurance Management System for Private Security Service Providers, Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations - Requirements with Guidance, Conformity Assessment and Auditing Management Systems for Quality of Private Security Company Operations, and Auditing Management Systems: Risk, Resilience, Security, and Continuity—Guidance for Application.  He is currently working on the technical committees for the development of the Risk Assessment Standard (RA) and Managing the Investigative Process - Guidance (INV).  Tim is also board certified as a Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator  (CHPA) by the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS).  He has participated in the development of the IAHSS Healthcare Security Guidelines and has served on their Guidelines Council.

Tim is a life-long security expert and instructor.  He brings this experience with him to every class he teaches and offers information and perspective that no other firearms instructor can.  Tim helps our students develop a personal safety plan designed to help avoid the need to use a firearm while ensuring the proper and safe handling of a firearm should it become necessary. 
The Illinois State Police has created an ILLINOIS CONCEALED CARRY FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS webpage answering many of the questions you may have about the license requirements and the licensing application process.  The state of Illinois requires 16 hours instruction for the IL Concealed Firearm License.  Credit for up to 8 hours of previous training may be allowed as approved by the Illinois State Police per the Firearm Concealed Carry Act and are listed here:


Training Certificates

Training Certificates of Completion

NRA Basic Pistol 8 hours
NRA Personal Defense Inside the Home 8 hours
NRA Personal Defense Outside the Home 8 hours
Illinois Hunter Safety Course 4 hours
Chicago Firearms Safety Course 4 hours

Concealed Carry Permits

Concealed Carry Permits/Certificates

Utah 4 hours
Florida 4 hours
Nevada 4 hours
Missouri 4 hours
Kentucky 4 hours
Michigan 4 hours

Military Service

Military Service

Honorable Military Discharge (DD-214) 8 hours
Active Duty Military (Current Duty Orders) 8 hours
Military Reserves 8 hours

Illinois Concealed Carry

What is needed to obtain your Illinois Concealed Carry License?


  • 16 hours of Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms Training provided by an ISP approved instructor.

  • Electronic Copy of my training certificate(s). You will be required to upload your electronic certificate during the application process.

  • Must be 21 years of age

  • FOID

  • Card

  • IL Driver's License or ID

  • Head and shoulder electronic photograph taken within the last 30 days

  • Be able to provide the last 10 years of residency

  • $150 fee

  • Fingerprints - electronic fingerprints will reduce time of license issuance by 30 days

  • No felony convictions

  • No outstanding warrants

  • No active Orders of Protection

  • No Battery or Domestic Violence related offenses

  • No more than 2 DUI convictions


In accordance with 430 ILCS 66/40 (b), out of state residents may be eligible for an Illinois Concealed Carry License if your state meets the definition of substantially similar as established by rule. See 20 Il. Admin. Code 1231.10. Currently, the states identified below have been determined to have laws related to firearm ownership, possession, and carrying that are substantially similar to the requirements to obtain a license under Illinois’ law; and, therefore, may apply for an Concealed Carry License. This list will be updated as additional states are identified as substantially similar. Further Information concerning the regulations for non-resident applications can be found at 20 Il. Admin. Code 1231.110.

  • Hawaii

  • New Mexico

  • South Carolina

  • Virginia